How It All Began                                                                     
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When there's a pain or sadness inside and you don't know how to express how you are feeling... Express yourself... Through dance, laughter, painting, fashion, writing, any way that helps you. ‚ÄčExpress it with CONFIDENCE!

One day I picked up a notebook and pen and started to write. And as the words in my head and my heart filled the page, it was a relief! Writing, was my way of letting it out. And so it began. I wrote through out high school and college. And I ended up with a collection of expressions I refer to as poems. I put them together in this book and one day I will publish it. Until then, I will express myself through words, pictures, accessories, fashion, decor, dance, laughter, life.

How do you express yourself?

Dreamgirl Daydreaming is a lifestyle brand that is all about expression through words and fashion.  As lovers of poetry and accessories, we embrace self-love and believe everyone should love who they see in the mirror, and express themselves with confidence.

Every day we should all be Living... Loving... Daydreaming